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मेरा कुछ सामान तुम्हारे पास पडा है

Re arranged by Adwait Patwardhan for Amruta Sahastrabuddhe. Brilliantly composed by famous composer R D Burman. Lyrics by famous lyricist Gulzar.

सखी मोरी

Arranged with contemporary style and sounds, keeping the Indian Classical soul of the song. Composed by Pt. Hemant Pandse, Penned by Sant Meera Bai, Sung by Amruta Sahasrabuddhe

You Know What

This background tune was composed by Adwait Patwardhan using the chords taught in initial stages of guitar tuitions. Well-known actor Umesh Kamat was going to mime guitar playing with the poem rendition. The film director wanted the guitar playing act to be as perfect as possible. For a week, Umesh Kamat took guitar playing lessons from Adwait Patwardhan and then the shooting was completed.

Akkad Bakkad

This is a famous Hindi kids song. Released by Jingle Toons and got views more than 100 million in just 2 years. Composed, arranged, and sung by Adwait Patwardhan.

Freedom from Diabetes

Composed, arranged and conducted by Adwait Patwardhan. Inspirational song. Concept by Dr. Pramod Tripathi. Well known doctor and therapist for diabetic patients. Sung by Mr. Rahul Deshpande.

Lalbaugcha Raja

Devotional songs composed by famous devotional composer Mr. Kedar Pandit. Music arrangements Adwait Patwardhan.


Music composed by Adwait Patwardhan for the Marathi movie "Bluffmaster"

Passion for Fashion - Music composed for brand Rushme Fashions

Bandish Collection

Music composed by Adwait Patwardhan for the clothing brand "Rushme Fashions"


Asehi Ekada Vhave background score composer and sound designer. Released in 2017
Mumbai time Marathi Gangwar movie. Background score and sound design
8 Don 75 Marathi film with social message. Background score composer and sound designer. national and international film festival Awards winner in both categories. Release expected in 2022.
Original background score composer. "Pune TC" Hindi feature film. Released in 2011.
Music composer. "Dagadabaichi Chawl" 2015
"Dombari" Marathi movie yet to be released.

ost samples

Beginning of an End

Check Mate

Crying Flute

Loudest scream of a child

This Happened That Day

Our Family was Murdered

Death of a Gangster

End Scroll The Dark Didgeridoo

Retro Chase

Underwater Mysteries


How can I learn keyboard online? It is not your but my responsibility.


  • Saturday Sunday
    11am, 12noon, 4.30pm and 5.30pm IST
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    8pm and 9pm IST.
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    8pm and 9pm. IST

The batches are 2 days a week, 1 hr session per day.

Maximum 7 students in a batch. Every student is attended individually.
You can take a decision after attending a zoom session.
For any queries or questions, please feel free to call or what’s app me on+91 9371004531.
Fees are ₹3500 per person per month.
Keyboard, laptop with webcam and good internet connection is essential at students end.
No prior knowledge is necessary.



“बाप, मुलगा आणि मास्तर!”

पुलंच्या “बिगरी ते मॅट्रीक” मध्ये एक वाक्य आहे. “शाळेमध्ये बापानी येणं, हे बाप, मुलगा आणि मास्तर… ह्या तिघांनाही रूचत नसे. परस्परांचे संबंध संपूर्णपणे तिरस्कारावरच आधारलेले होते!” पण आता काळ नक्कीच बदलला आहे. मी किबोर्ड शिकवायची online शाळा सुरू केल्यानंतर, गेल्या

कलेचा शिक्षक आणि शिकवायची कला

Keyboard synthesizer च्या माध्यमातून संगीत शिकवायची सुरुवात आणि त्या प्रवासाविषयी थोडेसे. साधारण १९९५ साली उत्तम guitarist आणि माझा मित्र नितीन कुलकर्णीनी त्याच्या डेक्कनच्या चालुक्य Restaurent जवळच्या Musico Institute मध्ये “खूप लोक चौकशी करत आहेत. तू Synthesizer शिकवशील का?” अशी विचारणा

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